Her Loving Shadow by Andi Lynn (epub)

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Her Loving Shadow by Andi Lynn (epub) Dark Hearts Mafia

When do you stop living for them and start living for yourself?
The darkness and quiet have begun to pull me under. I don’t want to be the old me. I hate that weak, spineless woman. But how do you find yourself when you don’t even know who you are?
At night, a shadow chases me. He’s always in the background, keeping watch. When I begin to think my demons are becoming too much and I just can’t anymore, there he is. My real-life demon.
Everyone little girl wants a white knight to come and save them. But what if the demon moving in the shadows is what I’ve always wanted?

I am who I was made to be–a right hand, a weapon, a shadow.
I’ve done things that would make a lesser man’s skin crawl. And that’s fine with me. As the second to the Pakhan of the Russian Bratva, the rules were simple.
Ensure everyone does as they are told.
Stay in the shadows.
Make sure the right pieces move to keep the peace.
Then, out of the darkness came a fire.
She makes me crave something I never knew was possible for a man like me. From the shadows, I watch her, and what I see stirs something. There’s a fire sparking.
My only hope is that my darkness won’t smother it completely.

They live in the shadows and have their own moral compass that guides them. These men and women don’t follow your rules. They make their own. When they meet their perfect partner, nothing else matters. They’ll do whatever it takes to win the owner of their Dark Hearts.

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