His Darkest Deceit by Addison Cain (epub)

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His Darkest Deceit by Addison Cain Insatiable Instinct #1

Innocent of his schemes, General Cyderial gave her the luxury of time. So his precious one might grow up unaware her mate had found her so young. Carefully protected and fully contained, he has kept Lorieyn under his thumb, so no other male might recognize the treasure he’s hidden and attempt to take her for themselves.

Knowing nothing but a difficult rearing, Lorieyn longs for a freedom the cold-blooded general can never allow. To let her out of her cage is to invite attention from rivals and insatiable males unrestricted from claiming a female before she comes of age.

Men who take with violence and greed.
She has no idea how badly General Cyderial craves her, is utterly unaware the man she fears desires her body and soul.

Yet no amount of training could force his perfect female to submit to the reality that one day she would belong to a mate. Instead, her fascination lies in the fog that blankets their savage planet. A seductive lure beckoning her to abandon the safety of Risa Colony’s only city to indulge in dangerous adventure in the wilds.

Cunning, brilliant, and strong-willed, she escapes.

And now, there will be no more leniency. No more secret cravings and patient self-denial.
Now, he will show her what it is to be female…
And claim what is his.

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