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His Mistake by Cassi Hart (epub) The BFF Pact Book 2

I stole my best friend’s blind date. It wasn’t on purpose, I promise! She thought she’d been stood up and left the restaurant, so when he arrived looking for the only woman sitting at a table alone, he found me. Despite my guilt, I can’t bring myself to tell David I’m not the woman he’s meant to be with. He’s my dream man, but thinking I’ve stolen my best friend’s chance at happiness is more than I can bear. How can I choose between my best friend and the man I can already feel myself falling for?

When I agreed to this blind date, I had no idea what to expect. The night starts out rocky when I arrive late, and when I see the beautiful girl waiting for me, I’m desperate to convince her to give me a second chance. She agrees, and it’s the best night of my life. The way she gives herself to me is so sweet. I thought she felt the same, but she ghosts me. Now I have no choice but to track her down and demand answers. Annie is about to learn that when I told her she was mine, I meant it.

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