His Perfect Little Heirs by Nicci Harris (epub)


His Perfect Little Heirs by Nicci Harris (epub)
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Nicci Harris
June 29, 2023
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His Perfect Little Heirs by Nicci Harris (epub)

Get ready for spice in almost every chapter of this pregnancy novella featuring three Mafia brothers and their expecting partners.

Clay and Fawn:

Clay and Fawn are an unlikely couple.

Where she is wild and bohemian, he is controlled, regimented, and twice her age.

In this short, steamy read, Fawn tries to trust her body again after a previous loss. And Clay, the ruthless Don of the Cosa Nostra, learns how to compromise for his much younger girlfriend.

Bronson and Shoshanna:

Shoshanna and Bronson are childhood sweethearts.

They have had difficulty conceiving, but their happiness knew no bounds when their son was born.

Fast forward a few years, and another baby is on the way, but this time Shoshanna struggles with the toll pregnancy number two takes on her body.

Max and Cassidy:

Max and Cassidy are complete opposites—he is grumpy; she is sunshine; he is tall and muscular; she is short and petite.

Max’s stoicism is notorious, but the love he feels for his gentle wife is explosive.

He was absent for Cassidy’s last pregnancy and the birth of his first child, so now that she is pregnant again, Max can finally fill that deep void.

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