His Unexpected Twins by Nia Wilson (epub) FREE

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His Unexpected Twins by Nia Wilson (epub) FREE

When Naomi chose motherhood via a sperm bank, she never expected her bossy employer to be part of the package—as the father of her twins.

Forty, single, and yearning for motherhood? Check.
A sperm bank that fits the bill? Bingo.
And voilà, twin boys that are the center of my universe.
Career shift? Well, let’s just say I traded in my legal briefs for changing diapers and calming a perpetually grumpy billionaire. A perfect gig for a single mom. Except, I never planned on falling for the boss-man.
Oh boy, is this a disaster in the making or the launch of my fairy tale ending?

Commitment? Not my style. Women? Fun for a night or two. Then, out of the blue, my world flips. My assistant’s twins, sporting a familiar birthmark, spark my curiosity.
A quick DNA test later, and surprise! I’m a dad. An unexpected joy, made even sweeter as I get to know their fiery, captivating mom. She’s got me tumbling headfirst into uncharted feelings. But the burning question:
How will she react when she discovers that I’m not just her boss but also her kids’ dad? Will she forgive the unwitting deceit or will I lose her forever?

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