Hostile Takeover by Olivia T. Turner (epub) FREE

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Hostile Takeover by Olivia T. Turner (epub) FREE


My aunt and I started this beauty company in her kitchen.

Now, it’s a multi-million dollar international company.

I adore it. It’s my whole life.

And some rich prick waltzes in, thinking he can buy it.

Brandon Raven.

He represents everything I hate.

The corporate establishment. Trust fund babies. Greedy corporations buying up small ethical companies and bleeding them dry.

I was expecting my aunt to put up a united front against him and everything he stands for.

But my aunt wants out. She wants to retire. She wants to sell our baby to the highest bidder.

And she’s the majority stakeholder, so I’m kind of screwed here.

But I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve.

I’m not going to cave so easily.

He can try his little hostile takeover.

And we’ll see who wins…


I walked into She’s The Sun corporate office, expecting to buy a cosmetics company, but I saw something better that I must have.

The quirky, adorable, and feisty CEO.

Kyra Black.

I want her. I need her.

But she seems to hate me with every fibre of her being.

Well, I’m the boss now and she’s going to have to do whatever I say.

Whatever. I. Say.

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