How The Marquis Found His Meow by Nova Blake FREE (epub, PDF)


How The Marquis Found His Meow by Nova Blake FREE
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Nova Blake
May 26, 2023
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How The Marquis Found His Meow by Nova Blake FREE The Monsters Ball

Dear Miss Carmichael, your vulgar father and the rumors surrounding your dear mother’s passing have indeed left you unable to secure a suitable match. Without any further options, it is Her Majesty’s opinion that you will attract more prospects, where you might mingle without your father’s presence. Extend yourself, Miss Carmichael. Be brave and take hope, for you are hereby ordered to attend the Monsters Ball.

Lady Isabella Carmichael is desperate to be wed so that she can finally be free from her father, and yet he has ruined her chances at every turn. No remotely eligible gentleman has been willing to tie himself to such a cruel and vicious man, especially when they’re led to fear for their own safety. Isabella knows those fears are only too well founded. The Monsters Ball is her last only hope: because her father is not allowed to attend.
If she fails, she fears she will be doomed to the same fate as her mother – a suspicious death at the bottom of the stairs.
She’s soaking in the magic and mystery of the Ball when her drunk father breaks into the estate grounds, and tries to drag her home. How he escaped the orc footmen, she has no idea. She fears it doesn’t matter, as he’s shouting enough profanity to ruin her forever.
Until a massive, feline monster emerges from the darkness to save her.
Marquis Tyclon K’var does not deserve love; especially from a sweet, fragile human like Miss Carmichael. The monstrous plague brought him low, and he swears he’ll remain unmarried in order to protect others from his unpredictable and dark moods. No matter how much he wants to ask her to dance. That all changes the moment he sees the young beauty being attacked on the verandah.

His feral nature demands he protect her. And once he’s thrown her father out, there’s only one thing he can do to protect her honor: marry her. But is she truly safer with him, or without?

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