Hunter In Me by Lana Melyan (epub)

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Hunter In Me by Lana Melyan (epub) Queen of Gates Book 1

I’m a witch and a hunter, and I’ve been working in Atlanta in a secret agency that keeps the supernaturals under control for ten years.

When I get the sad news from home that my powerful warlock father was murdered, I’m determined to find his killers.
Predicting his death, my father left me some hints.

Following them, I end up in a small town in Pennsylvania called Whispering Pines, in my mother’s old house I’d never heard of.

Did I mention she was killed too? I was three.

In search of the killers, I cross paths with the town witch and discover a portal to a realm full of witches, vampires, and a pack of wolves with their handsome alpha.

This small town is full of supernatural problems, and from what I learned from the alpha and the townspeople, my mother was the one solving them back when she lived here.

Soon, I realized that my father’s killers weren’t after him; they were after me. He always said I was more than a witch. That I was different. So what am I?

The questions start piling up. And I’m sure now that the answers are hidden in my mother’s past.
I wish she’d left me some clues.
And she did, but in a more alluring form than I’d expected.

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