Husband Skills by Cassie Mint (epub) FREE

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Husband Skills by Cassie Mint (epub) FREE

My big, scary boss wants to practice his husband skills…

On me.

Kingston Holt ain’t the kind of man you marry. Everyone knows that. He’s too big, too mean, too rough around the edges. He roars around town on a giant motorbike, and rumor has it he did time when he was a young man.

These days, he owns the bar where I serve drinks and scrub tables. He’s strict as hell, and he stares at me an awful lot lately.

Then one day he calls me into his office and tells me he’s ready to settle down. Ready to find a nice girl. But first he wants to rehearse.

Oh god, why did I agree to help?

And why does it kill me that this is fake?

This is messy as can be…

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