If It So Happened by S. Neha (epub)

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If It So Happened by S. Neha (epub)

For the readers looking for short, sweet, and quick dive into our dear couple’s journey to their happily ever after, here are two Pride and Prejudice variation novelettes:

Mr Bingley Lends A Hand – When Darcy wrote that infamous letter at Rosings to Elizabeth he said thus of his actions in separating Bingley and Jane – ‘Although my motives may seem insufficient to you, I have not yet learned to condemn them’. But what if it so happened that Darcy does learn to condemn his actions very soon and makes amends. And what if Mr. Bingley then decides to return the favour?

In Mr Darcy’s Shoes – What if it so happened that while staying at Netherfield Park to tend to her sister Jane, Elizabeth Bennet learns, to her horror, that the arrogant and disagreeable Mr. Darcy is her soul mate? In her distress, she seeks help of the only relative who could help her in this matter – her grandmother. The only problem is that her grandmother is long dead, and when she does come to help Elizabeth, she makes Elizabeth walk in Mr. Darcy’s shoes in order to learn why he behaves the way he does, and that perhaps he is indeed her soul mate?

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