Immortal Prince by Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti (epub)

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Immortal Prince by Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti (epub)

The immortal prince must fall.

I’m on a quest to reach my sister, to claim her from the clutches of the vampires who seized my family and end the immortal life of the prince who claimed her.

But the path this dark slayer is taking me on is rife with danger, though the kind he weaves is fast becoming my favourite temptation.

Familiars watch us from the shadows, and one wrong move could see the vampires stalking us in the dark. But they aren’t my only concern anymore, because the gods of old are waking, and now one of them has their sights set on us.

No matter what fate throws our way, I will rescue my family, even if it costs me everything.

I fear this game will end in blood.

I’m so deeply involved in Erik Belvedere’s cunning plans, and the cost is rising by the hour. I’ll do anything I can to protect my family, but this ritual only ends one way.

A human bride for a vampire prince.

And the game is getting more deadly. Elite vampires are showing up dead in the city, and I’m sure I’ve seen the killer before…

If only I could act on logic, maybe this wouldn’t be so impossible. But I’m starting to crave the monster who holds me captive.

If I can’t break free of his allure, how will I ever save myself and those I love?

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