Inflame by Victoria Dawson (epub)

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Inflame by Victoria Dawson (epub) Toxic Desire Book 1


If it isn’t a cardinal rule to never fall for your brother’s fiancée’s best friend, it should be.

This was supposed to be easy. We just needed to plan a memorable Vegas trip for the joint bachelor and bachelorette parties. I mean, really, what could go wrong? Well, basically everything.

From the tight little outfits to the unbridled excitement over the smallest things, I was captivated by Claire Nettles. The problem is, she is a “forever” type of girl, when all I can offer is a “for now.”


Anything of value in this life takes hard work.

I just never expected planning a wedding with my bestie’s future brother-in-law, Nic Hoffman, would be this challenging. And by challenging, I really mean utterly horrible. He’s the worst. Egotistical. Unapologetic. And ridiculously attractive…

The problem is, I’m taken. And no matter how hard I try to keep our interactions platonic, Nic blurs the lines and inflames a passion in me to strive for something—someone—better.

Can we set aside our differences and join forces for a common goal, or will our toxic desire cause the entire effort to blow up in our faces?

This book is intended for mature audiences and consists of the two-part Toxic Desire duet that should be read in order. While it is not required, it is strongly suggested that the entire Entice Series be read first prior to starting this duet. The Toxic Desire duet portrays the slippery slope of what it means to be in a toxic relationship. The physical, emotional, and psychological abuse featured in this series may be triggering.

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