Insta Kiss by Jen Atkinson (epub)


Insta Kiss by Jen Atkinson (epub)
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Jen Atkinson
June 30, 2023
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Insta Kiss by Jen Atkinson (epub) The Insta Series Book 3

I’ve kissed a few guys. Okay, many, many guys. But on my terms. One kiss, that’s all they get. That’s the rule. And then I set them loose.

Bethany Barns has one goal—to hate Tate Wilhelm. It should be easy, considering he stole her job, and she now has to answer to him as the boss. Her plan to make his life utterly miserable is on track. Except for that little mistletoe incident at their work Christmas party, mission ruin Tate Wilhelm is in full swing. Besides, you can’t blame that kiss on Beth. She was stressed and sad, and there was mistletoe for heaven’s sake!

Tate may be new to Seattle but he isn’t new to the newspaper game. Sure, his last paper was a smaller one, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that he is a killer editor and an ideal boss. His employees love him. He knows them, their lives and circumstances; and they all love him for it. Well, all of his employees with one exception. Beth Barns cannot stand the sight of him. She kisses him—one magnificent kiss, by the way—and then she shows nothing but disdain for him. None of it makes sense.

Tate just needs to prove to Beth that they can be friends. She doesn’t need to be embarrassed about that mistletoe kiss, and he’ll be the best boss she’s ever had. That’s the plan. However, the plan doesn’t involve falling for the woman. But Tate can’t deny his attraction to Beth’s witty humor. She’s a beautiful, red-headed, ball of fire. Sure, he’s going to get burned, but he still wants to try kissing those lips again.

Convincing Beth that they should be friends—let alone more—is proving difficult. But Tate isn’t giving up. She’ll see. It’ll all work out. That is if Beth will stop seething every time she looks his way.

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