Interpreting Fate by Alexis B. Osborne (epub)


Interpreting Fate by Alexis B. Osborne (epub)
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Alexis B. Osborne
June 30, 2023
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Interpreting Fate by Alexis B. Osborne (epub) Outer Limits Quadrant Book 3

She’s been human trafficked to aliens, but a dashing space pirate captain has other plans for her when he robs her abductors.

Delilah’s linguistic abilities have gotten her far in Starfleet. As far as an alien planet full of new languages and cultures to learn. But she never expected to be human trafficked by one of her own.

Captain Lucien has been sailing space since he was a boy. Re-kidnapping an already kidnapped human female is child’s play for him and the crew of the Lusty Maiden. But he’s never been around females, especially not in close quarters nor for any long stretches of time. Are they all this soft, this curvy? Or this feisty? So infuriating?

As Delilah and Lucien learn to communicate, what goes unsaid looms even larger for these two. Silent concerns, unvoiced feelings. Unfamiliar desires. With three alien species on the brink of war, this human catalyst is primed to accidentally light the fuse.

The one thing she wants most is the only thing he can’t give her. Freedom.

Interpreting Fate is a gritty action packed sci-fi novel with dark themes, political intrigue, language barriers, alien first contact, piracy, abduction, and a slow burn alien romance. Readers with triggers should check the content guide found at the beginning of the book. A HEA is guaranteed. All books in the Outer Limits Quadrant series follow a different couple but are best read in order.

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