Isaac by Lane Hart & D.B. West (epub)

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Isaac by Lane Hart & D.B. West (epub) Savage Kings MC – Virginia Book 5

Isaac Perry has spent the majority of his life wearing the Devil Hounds MC patches. As president, he’s used to making tough decisions, even the occasionally vicious ones. He doesn’t have to take orders from anyone anymore. He never bends, never breaks, until she literally stumbles into his life.

Holly Garrison is young. Too young and innocent for an outlaw like Isaac to lay a hand on her. But when he’s sent to save his daughter’s best friend from the consequences of her bad decisions, his protective instincts kick into overdrive. Suddenly, he finds himself unable to leave her side until he’s certain she’s safe.

When Holly realizes that she has Isaac wrapped around her finger, she tempts and teases him into submission. And then, she walks away, leaving him begging for more.

Isaac has his hands full with the Savage Kings MC, who are threatening to end his club, his presidency, and the legacy he’s spent years building. He doesn’t have time to obsess over the sexy preschool teacher. He knows he’s too old to give Holly what she wants, a family, especially after the loss he suffered when he failed his wife and lost her nearly twenty years ago.

As Isaac prepares for a brutal, bloody fight with the Savage Kings, he’ll have to decide where his priorities lie. Is he willing to risk it all for the sake of his own stubbornness and pride? Or will he surrender for a second chance at happiness that he still doesn’t think he deserves?

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