Isolation by Beth Abbott (epub)


Isolation by Beth Abbott (epub)
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Beth Abbott
May 8, 2023
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Isolation by Beth Abbott (epub) The Masters Book 4

At the ripe old age of thirty two, he’d had more than a dozen years of distinguished military service, standing literally shoulder to shoulder with his identical twin, Jake, so it was no surprise that the first chance he got, Damien took off for what he considered was a well earned break, and some of that rarest of commodities – alone time.

After six months visiting dozens of former team-mates and travelling the world, Damien is finally ready to admit that he’s missed Jake like he’d have missed an arm or a leg, and though he’d probably not admit it to the rest of his family, he can’t wait to get to Philadelphia to give the mopey old sod the biggest damn hug!
He’s also ready to acknowledge that he’s thoroughly sick of one night stands, and never spending any time with someone he could actually feel a connection with. Seeing his brothers paired off and deliriously happy has made him wonder if there was more to this marriage thing than he’d previously thought, and just maybe he might like a slice of that for himself. Ok, now that he probably wouldn’t admit to anyone! Not yet, anyway.
Halfway to Philly, he’s on a pit-stop in London to collect the rest of his belongings when his baby sister Mia contacts him, urgently in need of his professional expertise to look after a witness in a recent trial she was involved in.

Realising how desperate Mia must be if his was the only name she could come up with, he agrees. After all, a couple of weeks on babysitting duty should be a walk in the park. Right?
Almost two years since she’d left her late father’s home in Afghanistan, Holly is finally done with trials and threats, and living out of hotels and safe houses. Another few days and she and her daughter, Nadia, will have left England for America, the land of her birth, and hopefully she’ll be able to start the life she’s dreamed of for so long.

When Mia, her military contact, tells her she’s found someone to protect Holly and Nadia in London, and then travel with them until they’re settled in America, Holly is surprised to find out it’s none other than Mia’s joker brother, Damien.

Wasn’t he the one Mia described as flaky? The least reliable of the Masters brothers?
Oh well… Holly shrugged inwardly. Beggars most definitely couldn’t be choosers!

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