It had to be us by Katherine Jay (epub)


It had to be us by Katherine Jay (epub)
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Katherine Jay
April 10, 2023
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It had to be us by Katherine Jay (epub)

We were always meant to be connected, it’s how that’s the problem.

Logan Taylor is ridiculously good-looking, carefree, and young. I’m responsible, reserved, and not looking for anyone. We’re worlds apart, but those worlds collided in ways we never could have imagined.
The first time I saw him, he was sneaking out of my dorm room. Naked.

The second time we crossed paths, he pulled me out of a deep spiral I’d been in for days. And by the third, we discovered a mutual friend.

To say our story is complicated is an understatement.

But neither of us was prepared for the chain of events that took place after the fourth time we met.

From fake names to innocent games, I tried hard not to fall in love but failed…miserably.

Because there’s a reason Logan and I shouldn’t be together.

And that reason existed long before we met.

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