Just Her Stripe by Milly Taiden (epub)

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Just Her Stripe by Milly Taiden (epub) Paranormal Dating Agency Book 76

She was stunningly beautiful, but that wasn’t the attraction. It was her aura, her presence in the room. It was instant. Their energies entangled, wrapped around each other, like old friends greeting after a long absence.

Every nerve ending in his body reacted to her. His skin prickled with electric sparks. She illuminated the room, sending shockwaves of power to his very core.

“You’re catching flies, Vincent,” said his mother sharply.

He shut his mouth. The other woman, Gerri, his mind absentmindedly filled in the name, was sitting at the breakfast bar with her – the stranger that filled his senses.

As soon as he’d walked in, she turned her chair to him, their eyes locking. His nostrils flared, her scent was addictive. Everything about her was addictive.

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