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Karma by Amber Nicole (epub)


Things have never been what they seem in my life.

Take me for example…

Just a sweet young thing who loves to bake treats.

No one would even think that those baked goods could be deadly.

Or that I’m one of the nine Belladonnas.

A super secret assassin family.

No, things are never what they seem, so when I make friends with someone outside of my family who for a lack of better words is normal… Things start to change.

Lemon makes me see the world in a new light.

She makes me think that maybe I could have a different life, away from my sisters and Man.

Well that is until someone steals her from me.

Now it’s up to me to go undercover and figure out the truth before getting my revenge.

There’s just some problems.

I’m now the mom of a two year old. There are four guys who seem to always be around watching me, making me picture a new life, and the man who killed my best friend…

Well he’s my boss, and the men I’m falling for have a nasty secret of their own.

No one is who they seem at Kendrick Academy. But it doesn’t matter. I will get vengeance for Lemon… Even if it kills me.

Is there a way for me to find my happy ending or will Karma come around and bite me in the ass in the end?

This is a dark, emotional, whychoose, MMMMF romance.

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