Keeping Isabella by LoveBite Shorts (ePub & PDF)


Keeping Isabella by LoveBite Shorts (ePub & PDF)
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LoveBite Shorts
April 1, 2023
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Keeping Isabella by LoveBite Shorts (ePub & PDF)

Spin-off from Breeding His Personal Assistant

Alpha-hole in crisis, captivity, coercion, grovelling & profanity

Isabella Zanetti

I’m in trouble. The best man at my sister’s wedding is who I hooked up with. I have avoided seeing her, but now I have no choice. She has just had my niece and nephew and I have to see them.

He told me it was just one night he didn’t have the time nor inclination for a relationship, especially with an unsophisticated poor student. I have to come clean with my sister. As much as I can delay seeing James, I will. Eventually, I need to tell James the whore he is going to become a father.

James Bancroft

I made a mistake months ago. I got drunk at my best friend Torian’s wedding and hooked up with the maid of honour. Who is now his sister-in-law. Not only did I give a poor performance, I was needlessly cruel afterwards. She has been avoiding me and will return none of my messages, calls, private messages on social media, visits or smoke signals. So when I take a leaf out of Torian’s book and decide to force the issue, I am surprised to see her several months pregnant. I’m not just keeping Isabella, but the baby I put in her.

She isn’t aware of what I’m capable of. It’s time she found out…

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