King of Patriam Outlaws by Amizah R FREE (epub,PDF)


King of Patriam Outlaws by Amizah R FREE
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Amizah R
May 20, 2023
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King of Patriam Outlaws by Amizah R FREE QOTD Book 3

Previously on Brother of the king consort, It’s been seven years since Cassian pulled the trigger, and six since he left Old Dome territory, hoping never to return. Even with the time spent away, nightmares still plagued his sleep and anxiety still rode his senses. Though that didn’t mean that life on Old Dome territory would be any better, a knock on his door in the middle of the night makes him very aware that he doesn’t have much of a choice.
He has to go back.

That’s all it’s been for seven years. One might have thought Salem’s new condition would be ideal for a person so sensitive to noise, but no. The silence is slowly swallowing her whole, and there isn’t much she can do about it. However, the arrival of a certain someone and an impending threat has new life entering her, feelings she’s never felt before. But she’s quickly reminded that it can all be snuffed out by a vicious game and a ruthless opponent.

What will happen in this new book? Download now and find out how the finale ends.

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