Kiss and Fake Up by Crystal Kaswell (epub)

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Kiss and Fake Up by Crystal Kaswell (epub)

Fresh out of rehab, Damon Webb is putting his life back together. Place to stay, check. Apologizing to his sister, check. Pretending he’s in love with his sister’s best friend. Wait, what?

Fiery lyricist Cassie Steele wants to make beautiful music with Damon. Actual music. She needs a songwriting partner. And since her label wants a real couple, writing real love songs, she needs Damon to play her boyfriend too.

Which is fine. The frenemies can kiss and make up. They both need the project, and the cash. It’s not like a few smooches are going to melt the ice around her heart.

Only their kisses don’t feel fake. And she doesn’t hate staring into his blue eyes. She likes it. She likes him.

No. This is pretend. She’s drawing a line in the sand. Their creative collaboration is the only thing that’s real. So why are they making beautiful music without their hands on their instruments.

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