Lamplight by Faye Knightly ebook (ePub & PDF)


Lamplight by Faye Knightly ebook (ePub & PDF)
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Faye Knightly
March 30, 2023
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Lamplight by Faye Knightly ebook (ePub & PDF)

Everyone knows the tale of a certain diamond in the rough and the friendly genie who helps him woo a princess, but what if the genie was really a malicious being fueled by his own quest for power? Lamplight is the heartbreaking retelling you didn’t know you needed.

The only child of an ailing sultan, Mina knows the man she chooses to be her husband will soon become the new ruler of Dalgar. She has long given up hope of finding love when a man new to nobility captures her interest. Din impresses Mina with his quiet thoughtfulness and kind nature, but there is a dark secret hidden in his rise to power from a mere serving boy to a sultan’s adopted son.

A secret so deeply devastating that it threatens to tear both the kingdom and Mina apart.

A secret only revealed by lamplight.

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