Lesson Learned by Layla Simon (epub)

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Lesson Learned by Layla Simon (epub) Kingswood Queens

Attending an elite high school turns my life around… until I sleep with my teacher.

A fun girl’s night out takes a dark turn when I’m stupefied and stolen from the nightclub by a sexy stranger. A mistake that bites even deeper when I meet the dominating man again… in his new role as my high school English teacher.

What happened between us can never happen again.
His job is on the line.
I could lose my scholarship.

But everyone in Kingswood College hides a secret and my teacher is no exception.

Conner isn’t the mild-mannered man he makes himself out to be. He doesn’t let consequences stop him from taking what he wants and the more I try to be good…

… the more he wants me as his good girl.

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