Lethal King by Sasha Leone epub


Lethal King by Sasha Leone epub
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Sasha Leone
April 4, 2023
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Lethal King by Sasha Leone epub

A king doesn’t ask for submission. He commands it.

Rozalia Dorn needs to be punished.

First, the fiery orphan crashes my coronation.
Then she escapes with my ceremonial crown,
Foolish payback for what I did to her brother.

My response is brutal.
One simple declaration that echoes across my mafia empire:

We’re to be wed—by force, if necessary.

It’s the best way to keep my enemy close.
And the most delicious form of revenge.

Capturing her is my only obstacle.
The pretty little firecracker is notoriously elusive.

But I don’t chase. I hunt.
And when she becomes my prey,
I can’t hold back my savage instincts.

Her hate fuels me. Her body blinds me.
There’s no slowing down.
My obsession grows and swells until I’m not sure what I want more.

To retake my crown.

… Or to conquer her heart.

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