Lilly’s Little Labor Day by Amy Cummings (epub) FREE

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Lilly’s Little Labor Day by Amy Cummings (epub) FREE Holidays at Rawhide Ranch

The only Daddy she’s ever wanted, is the only one she can never have…

Lilly has a secret. For years now, she’s had a crush on the last person on Earth she should be attracted to.
She knows it’s wrong, so she does everything she can to put Edward out of her mind. Until the day she realizes she isn’t the only one with a secret.

Tucked away in the bubble of Rawhide Ranch, away from the prying eyes of the outside world, they are free to be exactly who they were always meant to be. It turns out Edward is the perfect Daddy, attending to Lilly’s most intimate needs, and giving her the love and discipline she’s craved for so long.

But they can’t stay at the Ranch forever. And when they return to the real world, they’ll have to decide if their love is worth fighting for…
Or if they’ll let the weight of their family’s disapproval tear them apart for good.

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