Little Demon in the Details by Nordika Night (epub)

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Little Demon in the Details by Nordika Night (epub)

When an arranged marriage between two powerful families sparks suspicion, Blake Carter doesn’t hesitate to take advantage of the bride’s younger brother for answers.

Mercer Bentley Palmerston is an outcast—the pariah of his family—so what better source to get dirt on the Palmerstons than their black sheep?

Intrigued by his lingerie, Blake sees an opportunity to get closer to Mercer, but he has no idea how much trouble he’s invited into his life by taking him in.

Mercer might be a brat, but Blake has no interest in taming him. He’s a sly demon with ever-changing rules, a larger-than-life personality, and covers his weaknesses with sharp wit. There’s more to Mercer than his outright refusal to behave, and Blake is the only one who realizes why.

Blake, trained and practiced in all forms of private contracting, has a keen eye for details and reading people, including Mercer. But the brat won’t make it easy for him.

Something isn’t right underneath all the fake Palmerston smiles. Can Blake and Mercer learn to trust one another to get to the source?

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