Lonely Alpha by Olivia Lewin (epub)

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Lonely Alpha by Olivia Lewin (epub) A Why Choose Omegaverse

A violent omega on the run. A corporate fixer backed into a corner. A pack forbidden to both of them.

An omega is the last thing I need.

Especially one who’s demanding, obsessive, and violent.

But when Kiara shows up in my apartment, I’m forced to keep her close. It doesn’t matter that I know nothing about her except how pretty she looks in that dress and how desperately she wants a dark bond. I’m stuck with her.

I need backup, and there’s only one pack I trust. But the Loranger pack are a problem all on their own. No one can know we’re spending time together, because they’re not just any pack. They’re my brother’s scent matches. The ones he rejected years ago.

With Kiara’s secrets piling onto mine, none of us can clearly see what’s coming.

However, one thing’s for sure.

Our enemies are closing in, and I’m going to have to make an impossible choice. Because there might only be one way to save Kiara…

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