Lose Me In The Shadows by Jo Brenner (epub)

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Lose Me In The Shadows by Jo Brenner (epub) Bad Heroes Book 2

She thought it was over.
Kara believed she was free.
Free to erase the brand left on her heart by the three men who thought they could own her. But when an enemy from her past reappears in her present, she’s forced to reckon with who she was—and who she’s become. The dark fire lit inside her by the men she left behind may be Kara’s only weapon against a predator intent on breaking her.

They’ve only just begun.
Conor, Micah, and Luke’s entire worldview has been shattered—by the woman they swore they’d never let go. After Kara’s betrayal, the ex-Navy SEALs decide they don’t believe in second chances…even for her. But when they learn their runaway girl’s life is on the line, the men will stop at nothing to get her back. She’s theirs—and only theirs.
And no one touches what belongs to them and lives.

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