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Love Collided by Kate Crew (epub) Hollows Garage Book 4


All I ever wanted was to be a professional racer and join Holt’s Racing team, but when my dad ropes me into paying off his gambling debts, my dreams are suddenly at risk. With my car breaking down, my first race looming, and debt collectors closing in, I feel more alone than ever. Then Chase enters my life, showing me how not alone I am. But as we hide our relationship from the world, the chaos I’ve been avoiding comes crashing down, leaving me with only one person to turn to.


I’ve spent my life conforming to my father’s expectations, and making myself numb to the world in the process. I’m to become a lawyer, take over his firm, and he even chooses who I should marry. Then everything changes when I meet Scout. She’s fearless and free-spirited, living life on her terms. Despite her friends telling me not to, I find myself falling for her, questioning everything I thought I knew. Now, faced with a choice between family and love, I have to decide whether to follow my heart or return to the life I’ve always known.

Two different worlds collide, leaving them with a choice, risk everything for love or go back to the lives they have always known.

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