Machine Vendetta by Machine Vendetta (Epub PDF Audiobook)

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Machine Vendetta by Machine Vendetta (Epub PDF Audiobook) The Prefect Dreyfus Emergencies Book 3

From the maestro of modern space opera comes a new installment in the Prefect Dreyfus series—Machine Vendetta unfolds as a thrilling narrative of deadly conspiracies and enduring adversaries that defy oblivion.

Panoply, a compact and efficient police force, stands as a bulwark dedicated to upholding democracy among the myriad city-states orbiting the planet Yellowstone.

Ingvar Tench, among Panoply’s most seasoned operatives, defied reason by venturing alone and unarmed into a habitat harboring a deep-seated grudge against her organization. As her colleagues grapple with the aftermath of her demise, Prefect Tom Dreyfus faces an internal reckoning. Four years prior, a personal connection to an investigation involving one of his most formidable adversaries prompted Dreyfus to orchestrate a proxy continuation of the inquiry through Tench. Did his decision to involve her inadvertently expose her to danger? And what does the brazen attack on Tench reveal about an adversary Dreyfus had hoped was dormant?

In the intricate web of deadly conspiracies and resurfacing enemies, Machine Vendetta invites readers on a captivating journey through the complexities of a futuristic world, where the past and present collide with consequences that reverberate through the vastness of space.

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