Made Beast by Charlotte Powers FREE (epub, PDF)

Made Beast by Charlotte Powers FREE
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Charlotte Powers
May 27, 2023
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Made Beast by Charlotte Powers EPUB PDF FREE Curse Made Book 1

A curse as old as time,
a Mafia Don and a wife of convenience.

Emilio Greco needs to return to the Mafia society or watch the empire his father built crumble around him. There is only one problem: He’s cursed to live as a beast, and only love can free him.

But who could love a man with teeth, claws, paws, fur, and horns? His only chance is a marriage of convenience, a woman already tied to him by contract, a bride he never wanted.

Lucia Bianchi finds herself locked away in a New York penthouse with a reclusive husband and his infamous temper. Horrified to learn the truth, Lucia knows her duty to her family means she must stay.

What she doesn’t expect is that instead of being repelled by Emilio’s appearance, she is mesmerized by him. With their growing attraction and budding romance, Lucia must find a way to break down her beastly husband’s walls.

With war and chaos breaking out around them and old enemies rearing their heads, Lucia and Emilio’s fledgling love is tested. Can love truly conquer all?

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