Magical Midlife Battle by K.F. Breene (epub) FREE

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Magical Midlife Battle by K.F. Breene (epub) FREE Leveling Up Book 8

The eighth book in the Wall Street Journal Bestselling series.

It has all come down to this.

The battle to save Kingsley’s pack, and Austin’s place of birth, is upon them. They have their team, they have their supplies, and they have a very nerve-wracking secret weapon that Edgar devised.

They aren’t even close to ready.

If they lose this battle, every shifter in the world will be in jeopardy. But to fight means danger they might not all walk away from.

If only the battle was their sole worry.

Austin has come home for the first time in fifteen years. He left the pack in tatters and a great many people haven’t forgotten, his family included. He must finally face his past.

Get ready for a thrilling and emotionally charged next installment in the Leveling Up saga.

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