Max and Frankie by Elizabeth Dear (epub)

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Max and Frankie by Elizabeth Dear (epub)

One cold December night, I let myself enjoy a beautiful stranger I’d met in the cage at my Family’s seedy fight club.

Afterwards, I kissed him goodbye and sent him away, content to cling to memories of the out-of-towner who’d pleased me so thoroughly.

Except that beautiful butterfly wasn’t who he claimed to be, and our lives would soon intertwine in a much more permanent way.

We worked side by side with our families to rid the City of the malevolent dictators who ruled so cruelly over it for generations—including my soulless sister, who’d held my leash for years.

In the City’s new era of peace, I’m enjoying my freedom and my job working for the rightful queen, Jolie Knight, but I still can’t seem to escape her brother—and the things he makes me feel that I would rather not.

When my mother disappears after breaking my heart one final time, the sexy, charismatic Max Miller invites himself along on my journey to save her—or, perhaps, to let her go for good.

And this beautiful boy looks at me as though he plans to stick around, even after our mission is complete.

I’m the notorious Frankie “Fingers” Ferrero. I strike fear into the hearts of those who would harm my family. I slip through the shadows and decimate small armies single-handedly. I take appendages from my victims as trophies and bathe in their blood with a smile.

Falling in love is not for me.

Max Miller begs to differ.

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