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Merch by K S Ellis epub FREE
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K S Ellis
April 6, 2023
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Merch by K S Ellis epub FREE

I live to rebel against my parents. Poor little rich girl that I am. What better way to rebel than having a criminal biker for a fuck buddy? There’s none, right? Someday, I will have to grow up, and my mother has a list as long as her arm for “suitable husbands”. My biker isn’t on the same continent as her list. But it was never meant to last, so I guess I’ll have a bit of fun, and we’ll go our separate ways. It was fun while it lasted….

She was supposed to be a fun fuck. A tourist who wandered into our clubhouse one Friday night, looking for a party and a good time. You know I gave her one. When we cross paths again, I’m more than willing to dip my toe again – as long as she knows this is just fucking. There will be no catching feelings. I’m hardly her type anyway.

What happens when two people who should never have met become so entangled that letting go becomes impossible? Find out in this standalone installment of the Brothers of the Wild Hawks.

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