Mercy & Her Devils by Rosemary A Johns (epub)

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Mercy & Her Devils by Rosemary A Johns (epub) Pack Bonds Omegaverse

My name is Mercy, and I’m an Omega with a broken bond.

Devastated, I’m sent to the Omega Institute. I’m held until the auction with a gorgeous single dad, whose scent is like paradise. Both Omegas, we make a pact to form a found family without Alphas. With our heats fast approaching, we’re broken out of the Institute by a mysterious pack of outlaws: a giant, blazing hot Alpha and his flirty mafia Beta. When I meet the pack’s final Alpha, a former military man — and my best friend — my heart breaks.

They’re everything that I want in a pack. They cherish and protect me. But can I risk love for a second time?

Plus, when they discover the secrets of my scarred past, will they still bond with me?

Mercy. Her devils. A pack bond that changes everything.

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