Midlife Forgotten Mate by Aline Ash (epub) FREE

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Midlife Forgotten Mate by Aline Ash (epub) FREE Bear Mates Over Forty Book 5

After having all her memories wiped away, will Taylee rediscover her love for her destined mate and the father of her kids all over again?

A horrific accident erased Taylee’s memories, leaving her in a terrifying situation. Not remembering who you are is particularly distressing when you have a dependent newborn, an adopted daughter who needs your love, and a shifter mate who now feels like a stranger. Well, at least he’s drop-dead gorgeous.
Despite Taylee’s belief that Kier deserves someone better, he adamantly refuses to accept rejection. As Taylee endeavors to reclaim her old life, find inner peace with her bear, and navigate the challenges of motherhood and partnership, a threat from her past emerges.
Regrettably, she cannot recall ever knowing the man who now poses a threat. To make matters worse, he seeks not only her but her entire clan.

Kier’s greatest fear is losing Taylee, even more than her amnesia. Determined to reignite her love for him, he patiently awaits her choice as her mate.
Therefore, when her past jeopardizes everything they hold dear, Kier is prepared to do whatever it takes to protect Taylee, their daughters, and the secrets of their shifter clan.
Will they reclaim what was lost and discover true happiness and peace?

Midlife Forgotten Mate is the 5th book in the paranormal shifter romance series “Bear Mates Over Forty,” featuring hot bear shifters and sassy heroines over 40, earth-shattering romance, and adorable children. Each book in the series is a stand-alone with a guaranteed happily ever after for the couple, though it is recommended to read them in order for maximum enjoyment.

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