Mile One Point Six by Dom Nicholls (epub)


Mile One Point Six by Dom Nicholls (epub)
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Dom Nicholls
April 17, 2023
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Mile One Point Six by Dom Nicholls (epub)

MI6 agents are being killed; their lives sacrificed to buy the murders of opponents to British government plans.

Who’s killing the agents? And who’s the traitor leading the killers to their victims?

There are no obvious answers in the changing world of espionage. These days it’s so advanced you have to be old-school to survive.

Like Betsy Trenmore-Halford. Long retired from the spy game and considered worthless by society, she doesn’t seem like a threat to international security.

But she’s found clues buried deep in a coded USB stick and hates bullies getting their own way. Plus, she doesn’t give a stuff what society thinks.

Drawn back to her old world, can Betsy stop the slaughter before the body count spirals out of control – or will the killer catch up with her and end her espionage career forever?

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