Moneyless Society by Matthew Holten audiobook

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Moneyless Society by Matthew Holten audiobook

The evidence is all around us: Humans are squandering natural resources and destroying the environment. There is no real debate about climate change. And with an ever-widening wealth gap, inequality is destabilizing many regions and worsening famine, disease, and civil unrest.

We must change, fast—and yet we hesitate.

Moneyless Society: The Next Economic Evolution explores how capitalism throttles Earth’s capacity to sustain life and undermines our deep longing to live in peace and prosperity. Fortunately, it also provides a blueprint for innovative thinking and new structures to replace our outmoded monetary system. In short, Moneyless Society illuminates just how much our lives and those of future generations could improve with a new kind of freedom: freedom from money.

We are at a crossroads: we can choose abundance, community, and prosperity, or we can continue down the path toward collapse. The choice is ours.

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