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Mortal Sins by K.L. Hiers (epub)

He was taught to hate them. He trained to hunt them. Now one of them has claimed him.

For Obadiah Snod, nothing could be more shameful than surrendering to the bond of a vampire, let alone Francis Temple, the very one he has been pursuing. But the situation is dire and both of their fates hang in the balance. Trapped in a collapsed tunnel, Obe sees no choice except to give the handsome immortal the pleasure he requires to awaken his full strength and save their lives.

He can tell himself he didn’t enjoy it. He can pretend their shared climax wasn’t by far the most electrifying thing he has ever experienced. He can even try to drive such impure thoughts from his mind with the pain of the lash. None of it will change the fact that he belongs to Francis now.

Perhaps he has committed a mortal sin… but Francis is going to make sure it wasn’t his last one.

Publisher’s Note: Mortal Sins includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Download Mortal Sins by K.L. Hiers in epub below.

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