Mountain Daddy by Celia Crown (epub)

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Mountain Daddy by Celia Crown (epub) Villain Daddies Book 4


I have to get away from the bustling city life, away from high expectations and away from demanding voices telling me what to do every single second. Having a mother whose greed comes before her daughter and a father too passive to talk back to his wife, I can’t stand my mother breathing down my neck and controlling every aspect of my life.

That’s why I choose to leave them.

I have no destination in mind, just simply getting away from the city is my goal. A town with mountains behind it sounds intimidatingly appealing.

Then I meet the big, grumpy, and very strong Callen.

He’s everything I’m trying to avoid. Controlling, domineering, and possessive.


I have been in the mountains for too long, and it’s my choice to stay away from civilization. Being a convicted felon doesn’t sit well with the people in town and I honestly don’t give a damn about what they think.

I prefer solitude, and when Eden came barreling into my world with that lost look on her pretty face, I knew my life would soon change.

Nothing brings a spark more explosive than this obsessiveness curling in my stomach when I see her.

I have her.

Prison has toughened me up more than I already was, and her trusting nature makes her too much of a target for anyone.
She trusted this savage beast of a man to keep his hands to himself and protect her from danger.

Two years and counting, my babygirl still believes I’m a good man.

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