My Beautiful Stranger by Shayne Ford (epub)

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My Beautiful Stranger by Shayne Ford (epub) The Kiss Duet Book 1

Two strangers stumble into each other and strike a delicious deal.
A secret agreement that comes with rules while they have fun without revealing their last names or real identities.

So they indulge and create beautiful memories until, one day, reality starts to catch up with them, jeopardizing their little secret.


After a messy breakup, I turned my life around, become a dating coach, and help others to real love.

And then, I break all the rules for him…

Rhett Kingston.
Elusive billionaire.
A player at heart.
Or so I think.

The man with hypnotic eyes, lips made of sin, and hands that turn me into a sacred place of pleasure.

He is smooth like honey and everything my mother warned me about.

How we went from striking a deal to exploring pleasure to becoming obsessed with each other?
It’s anyone’s guess.


Natalie is like honey. You touch her, and she’s all over you.

I’m the man who knows pleasure when it comes in the shape of a sassy woman wearing a skintight dress and heels and leaving a kiss on my lips in a tease.

Enticing body, delicious lips, and hair livelier than a storm?
Eyes made of a million shades of lust?

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