My Dark Psycho by LoveBite Shorts (ePub & PDF)


My Dark Psycho by LoveBite Shorts (ePub & PDF)
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LoveBite Shorts
April 1, 2023
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My Dark Psycho by LoveBite Shorts (ePub & PDF)

Please Do Not read if you are a sensitive reader.

I’m a people watcher. Being a child brought up in the system I could never let my guard down. As an adult, nothing has changed. After the series of lockdowns and working from home, I bought binoculars simply because I was bored AF. Never once did it occur to me that I might watch something I wasn’t meant to. I’m Katiana, this is my story of how I met a psycho.

I’m used to blending in. Remaining unseen. I love living in the shadows. Recruited as a teen. I kill, maim and torture and I love the build-up to snaring my victims. The contracts are unique, as are the people but the end result is always the same. Until Katiana. It was simple. No witnesses, ever. I’ve never owned anyone before, Katiana is my latest experiment. I’m X, love me or hate me, I don’t give a fuck. You won’t ever see me till it’s too late.

Have your therapist on speed dial for this one.

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