My Hottest Obsession by Shaw Hart (epub)

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My Hottest Obsession by Shaw Hart (epub) Billionaire Bossholes Book 1

Dear Diary,

I have a problem, a big one, and just like all of my other problems, it has to do with Adrien Davenport.

I’ve been trying to keep Boss Man at arm’s length since I started working for him, and I thought I had a handle on it, but I really messed up today.

I kissed him.

Don’t even say it, Diary. I know that it was the dumbest thing that I could possibly do, but it was an emergency!

Now what am I supposed to do?

I know that I should keep resisting him. Hell, I should march into his office tomorrow and quit, and I totally would, but I kind of need this job.

I can’t give in to him, no matter how much I might secretly want him. I just need to pretend like the kiss never happened, and we can go back to the status quo. Right?

Ugh, yeah, I know, Diary.

He’s never going to let this go.

Now I’m so screwed.

And not in the way that Boss Man wants me to be.

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