My Jurassic Mate by Michelle Deimos (ePub & PDF)


My Jurassic Mate by Michelle Deimos (ePub & PDF)
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Michelle Deimos
April 1, 2023
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My Jurassic Mate by Michelle Deimos (ePub & PDF)

Four unmated alien lizard men from each of the three warring tribes.

Twelve human women were sent to live out the rest of their lives on their planet.

You do the math.


After many cycles of the farthest sun we have spent living in fear of our tribes dying out, the gods have answered our cries for help and blessed us with females for whom we burn. However, I cannot allow the other tribes to get a hold of them, knowing how they have mistreated their women in the past. I must protect these small, delicate females at all costs. But how can I focus on such an arduous task when my soft little mate, my Gaby, torments me with her large, pleading eyes and a scent that brings out the beast I never knew slumbered within me? For all the savagery I have accused the other tribes of, I am beginning to wonder whether I am truly any different.


So, basically, I was put in charge of a dozen girls last-minute to start a new life on Juras 5 as part of Earth’s attempt to test which other planets we can move to when we’re done ruining this one. What we weren’t told, however, was that the aliens living on the planet are over seven feet tall, covered in scales, and want us to have their alien lizard babies. As the co-captain, I’m supposed to be sticking up for my girls so we can make at least some kind of a normal life for ourselves here, but you’re not exactly considered a good diplomat when you spend more time banging the opposition instead of negotiating for your people’s rights.

A fated-mates sci-fi alien romance featuring a caring but misguided hero who seeks to protect the innocent, and an insecure but understanding heroine who needs to find the courage to speak her mind.

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