My Stepsister is my Maid by A.J. Boucher (epub)

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My Stepsister is my Maid by A.J. Boucher (epub)

Could there be anything better than having a beautiful woman attend to your every need?

Most men would kill to have an athletic, vivacious redhead like Sadie McDowell as their maid, and nine times out of ten, Tom Carlson would be the first one to reach for that knife.

But this time is different.

Sadie is Tom’s stepsister, and she hates his guts. Even if his dad’s will states that Sadie must spend a year as Tom’s personal maid before she can claim her share of the inheritance, that doesn’t mean Tom can enjoy this the same way he normally would.


Yet Sadie will do anything to get what she wants, and she knows exactly where her strengths lie. Tom must spend a year with this vixen at his beck and call; he must spend a year with his gorgeous stepsister eagerly obeying his every command.

He might as well enjoy himself.

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