My Three Rivals by Molly Eden (epub)

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My Three Rivals by Molly Eden (epub)

The three men who are determined to destroy my life don’t know who they are dealing with.

I’ve struggled for years to keep my family’s vineyard afloat, and now I’m desperate to save the only home I’ve ever known.

With my finances in ruin, ruthless developers offer me a lifeline, but their offer comes with stipulations I’m unwilling to accept.

But when I finally come face to face with my rivals, I find that the battle has just begun! As tensions ignite, I’m confronted with a new challenge: resisting any temptations from the men I’m determined to hate.

Atticus, the natural-born leader, has a piercing gaze that hints at a troubled past that only adds to his intoxicating magnetism. Wyatt strikes fear into the hearts of those who dare to cross his path, but beneath his hardened exterior lies a well-guarded vulnerability. Maverick, the master of witty banter and charm, masks a darker side that makes me beg for more.

Imagining a future without these three men tears my heart to pieces. But new revelations come to light, and I learn they can’t give me the one thing that I need.

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