Never Say Goodbye by Felice Stevens (Epub PDF Audiobook)

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Never Say Goodbye by Felice Stevens (Epub PDF Audiobook)

Caught in a snowstorm-induced layover at the airport, Ren Stewart, a nomadic wildlife photographer, finds himself stranded amidst the wintry chaos. His plans to escape the cold of New York for sunny California are dashed by the cancellation of his flight, leaving him facing a long, lonely night at the airport.

However, Ren’s fortune takes an unexpected turn when he meets a captivating man, Schaeffer, during his wait. Despite the likelihood of parting ways, there’s a magnetic pull between them. When faced with the prospect of a last available hotel room and a shared bed, Schaeffer’s suggestive gaze hints at the possibility of them spending the night together.

Schaeffer Morgan, an airline pilot accustomed to solitude due to his fleeting days at home, has become adept at fleeting pleasures and concealing his identity as a gay man from judgmental colleagues. However, a family vacation unexpectedly reunites him with the man he once spent intense, passionate days with—a man he believed would remain a fleeting memory.

Their reunion sparks a deeper connection, leading Ren to contemplate dreams he’d only imagined as a foster child—longing for a family and a sense of belonging—while Schaeffer begins to confide in Ren about his own painful past. Despite their growing bond, the reality of Ren’s extended assignments and Schaeffer’s demanding schedule threatens to challenge the burgeoning relationship they’ve discovered.

As their time together draws to a close, both Ren and Schaeffer are unwilling to bid farewell. However, navigating their separate lives and commitments presents a daunting challenge, leaving them to grapple with the possibility of sustaining the enchantment they’ve found in each other against all odds.

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