Never Say Love by Eve Kasey (epub)


Never Say Love by Eve Kasey (epub)
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Eve Kasey
June 29, 2023
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Never Say Love by Eve Kasey (epub) Searose Cove Book 1

Bea Taylor is a clumsy, reformed lab rat who sells the best beer in Searose Cove. In her thirties, divorced, and always a bit on the fringes, her heart belongs to Copperpot Brewing and her dog, Truffle. Alongside her entrepreneurial friends, she hustles to keep their seasonal town from dying out.
Unfortunately, a group of developers are out to destroy the quaint waterfront, replacing the women’s small shops with soulless condos.

But hope shines in a local legend of lost treasure that would bring fabulous riches. With a strange map found behind a painting and a sunken pirate ship in their midst, the girls team up to find the treasure that could save their businesses.

It doesn’t hurt that Montgomery Poe, the town’s hot new historian, has also offered to help. With glasses, curls, and unexplainable wealth, the man is a mystery unto himself. Bea’s scientist brain tells her all the signs of attraction are there, but between past heartaches and developers hot on their trail, she has enough to deal with without the distraction of sexy scruff and scorching kisses under waterfalls.

With her town’s fate and her own heart on the line, Bea must learn that there is no room for logic in legends or love.

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