No Easy Dare by Samantha Christy (epub)


No Easy Dare by Samantha Christy (epub)
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Samantha Christy
June 30, 2023
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No Easy Dare by Samantha Christy (epub)

Secret heir.
Pompous womanizer.
King of lies.
And my protector.

Hunter McQuaid is definitely a fish out of water. Or maybe a shark out of the tank.
He’s a cocky, arrogant, playboy. Something he shouldn’t be considering he can barely scrape together the rent for his craptastic apartment.

After an ill-advised one-nighter with him, I end up pregnant. Which puts me in a precarious position. I can’t be pregnant and also protect my daughter. Because protecting her means risking my unborn child. There’s no way to protect them both.

Until my cocky, arrogant, playboy baby daddy, who is SO not father material, comes up with a plan.
Hunter becomes my protector. My savior. My doting fiancé. The problem is, it’s all fake. And if my father finds out about it, I may end up worse off than before.

Falling for my fake fiancé is not what I expected. I’m in deep. And I’m swimming with sharks.
But I’ll do anything to protect my kids. Even if it means breaking my own heart.

No Easy Dare is a standalone novel.

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